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Home Buyer Resources – We can help!


So your looking to buy a home in the Twin Cities, where do you start? Maybe you are a first time home buyer or planing on moving up to a bigger home. Possibly you are looking to downsize and simplify life a little so you can slip down south for some warm weather when the white stuff begins to fall….. You might be in the process of recovering from some financial challenges that occurred over the last few years. The good news is……

We can help!

In the following pages we will help you understand the process from start to finish. Right from day one when you sit down with a real estate agent to the grand finale when you get the keys and begin moving in! Buying a home in the Twin Cities, or any are for that matter, can be a complicated process and building your team of professionals is a critical step to ensure a smooth and successful closing on the big day!

You may have been wondering around the internet for a while now filling your head with questions like: “What is the “MLS”, How do real estate agents get paid?, When should we get pre-approved?, or Why does every home I call on seem to be sold already?“! If you are starting to feel like it is time to get serious or want to have this discussion over a cup of coffee contact us to schedule your own personal, no obligation, and absolutely free, Home Buyer Consultation.

The very first thing we will walk you through is 10 steps to buy a home in the Twin Cities. We will base the discussion on traditional sales or non-distressed sales. Then we will point out the differences in dealing with bank owned homes or foreclosures and short sales. Finally you should take a peek at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page where we cover some of the most common questions we hear from from consumers.


Good luck and happy home buying!

Matthew Johnson

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